Dessert Selections

New York Style Cheesecake

Fresh Blueberries

Peach Cobbler
Homemade with a Brown Sugar Crust, Topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Crème Brulee 
Toffee-Flavored Custard, Butterscotch Liqueur, Four-Berry Blend Sauce, Heath Bar Crunch

Mango Sorbet 
Two Scoops of Mango Sorbet Topped with Fresh Blueberries & Blackberries

Orange Chocolate Torte 
Grand Marnier, Semi Sweet Chocolate, Mandarin Oranges Macerated in Cognac

Table Side Bananas Foster
Fresh Sliced Bananas, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Brown Sugar, Spiced Rum, Banana Liqueur

Chocolate Tower
Our signature dessert at Diamond Back’s; it is a fully-edible shell of chocolate with layers:  whipped cream at the bottom, a homemade blueberry pound cake, a four-berry blend sauce, and our chocolate mousse infused with Grand Marnier.